Simple -- Yet Cool -- Ways to Wear Eyeglasses That Work for Celebrities

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These days, the old saying, “guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses,” is so not true, as more and more people are choosing to rock their eyeglasses – and some of them don’t even need prescription glasses!

From Kendall Jenner looking retro cool wearing eyeglasses for Kim Kardashian’s baby shower to Anne Hathaway rocking a pair on the red carpet, it looks like eyeglasses really can be used to channel cool and sophisticated style.

So how can you rock eyeglasses and look more fun than serious, as celebrities have been able to do? Well, the following are a few tips and tricks to pull off this geek-chic accessory, whether you actually need eyeglasses or you just want in on the trend.

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The Ellis frame in Optical

The Right Frame

Long gone are the days when your frame options were limited to a very small number at the local mall, these days, thanks to the internet, you are sure to find a myriad of different prescription glasses online in frames that will suit your style. From the geeky fun, horn-rimmed glasses to the cat eye frame, rectangular or a bold round shape, finding the right frames for your face has never been more fun.

Work the eyes

When you are rocking your eyeglasses for a formal event or when you want to feel more confident about your look, then enhancing the eyes with make up behind your specs is the way to go. Take out your liquid eyeliner and draw a thick cat eyeliner that will add sophistication to your eyeglasses or go for a subtle smoky eye for a touch of sexy edge.

Add volume

Women’s glasses have turned the chic factor up a notch in the last decade but if you have bought your pair and you still feel a bit too serious when donning them, then play with your hair and bring some fun to your look through it. Wrap your hair in a messy pony tail with volume curls, tie a messy bun or incorporate a chunky braid with your fringe to channel fun, youthful style.

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Classic Matte Sunkist Wells

Add colour

When your days are rushed and you cannot take the time to put on cat eyeliner or to work a braid in your hairstyle, then adding a touch of colour is the quickest way to take the serious factor out of your eyeglasses. Go for a dark lip like burgundy or bright red. You can also invest in a pair of specs in a fun colour that you can wear on days when there is no time for make up or elaborate hairstyles!

Ultimately, the most important way you can wear prescription glasses with style is by having confidence. This is why celebrities make eyeglasses look so covetable – because they own their look and they now they look good. So the next time you put on your specs remember that these tips and tricks will only work, if you have a dose of confidence in your step!

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