Must Have Items in Your Beach Bag This Summer

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December signifies sun, sand and fun times in Australia while the rest of the world bundles up in winter gear. People take most of this time and spend much of it as possible in the breathtaking beaches, baking in the sun, surfing the magnificent waves or doing absolutely nothing at all. This well-deserved break from work and daily routines is considered to be sacred by most of us because it is not often that we get to simply throw caution to the wind. It is, therefore, the aim of most to make the best of their summer vacation at the beach. Going to the beach is not a simple act any more. Over the years, the simple act of going to the beach has, in fact become a fashion parade. No one likes to be second to another person when it comes to fashion. Here is a list of things that anyone should have in their beach bag to make sure that they look as fresh as cucumber while baking in the sun.

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No one goes to the beach wearing their everyday clothes anymore. It is an absolute fashion no to go to the beach wearing your jeans and t-shirt with your swimwear inside. The latest trend instead, is to wear a beach kaftan over your bikini or swimsuit. Look for beach kaftans online or boardshorts if your local swim store does not stock designs or materials that you do not like. The material should be thin enough that you should be able to lie in the beach with the kaftan on. You will find this very convenient as opposed to pulling on a t shirt every time you have to go back to a restaurant or any other place.


Lying on the beach comes with its own consequences if proper precautions are not taken. One such important precaution is to carry the right sunscreen. Sun burns can be very painful and would leave a mark on your skin which is hard to get off. Make sure that you choose a sunscreen with UV blocking SPF 15 and that it is always in your beach bag. Sunscreen lotion is something that you should not step out of the house without during the months of summer.


A good pair of flip flops are essential when it comes to summer. You cannot wear your everyday shoes to the beach as the saltwater is prone to cause serious damage to them. Opt for rubber flip flops instead. They withstand the saltwater just fine and it is easier to walk on sandy beaches in them. There are many different designs of flip flops and all of them easily fit into a beach bag. What’s more? They hardly cost anything.

Seafolly, Sea Folly, Speedo, Jets, Ginja, Tigerlily, Funky Trunks, Baku, 2 Chillies, Separates, Bikini Sets, One Piece, Plus Size, Dresses, Kaftans, Rash tops, Boyleg


A hat can be used as a fashion statement as well as a means to protect yourself from the glaring rays of the summer sun. There are many kinds of hats available in the market today. Large straw hats with ribbons or flowers on them are quite trendy at this time of the year. Choose one that suits your swimsuit for a more coordinated look. They do not cost much and therefore, you can afford to buy a few different colours and styles if your swimsuit changes daily. Keep one in your bag at all times to protect you from the sun.

Beach towel

A beach towel is essential when you are at the beach. Lying in sand can be messy and uncomfortable, especially after a dip in the sea. It tends to cling to the body and clothes and are absolutely difficult to get off. Make sure that you pack a beach towel in you beach bag at all times. You should also ensure that you buy a beach towel that is big enough for you to lie down comfortably.

Lip balm and hair spray

Lip balm and hair spray can only be found very rarely among beach goers. Why would you need lip balm when going to the beach? Who uses hair spray when going to the beach? Well, the thing is, people do get sunburnt on their lips, which is extremely painful. There is also a lot of damage to a person’s hair when exposed to the sun. To avoid these, make sure that you have a protective lip balm and hair spray at all times with you in your beach bag.

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