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Ladies, let’s admit; finding the perfect boyfriend jean is almost as difficult as finding the perfect boyfriend. Well, finding the perfect jean in general is pretty difficult as well. You want the perfect fit and you want them to complement your figure, preferably with, “No, your butt does not look big in that”. The boyfriend jean is perfect for that, even if the boyfriend isn’t. It’s designed to show off your assets and hide slight imperfections.

Seeing as how one can get tired of continuously wearing skinny jeans (doing the left leg, right leg, wiggle, jump, twerk routine) the boyfriend jean seems like a really good alternative. It isn’t as constricting as a skinny or free flowing as a bootleg. It’s the perfect in-between. The tomboy vibe that boyfriend jeans give off is trendy, fun and modern.. However, be sure you choose the right fit; one that doesn’t make you look sloppy or your butt unflattering. How do you do this? Here are a few tips:

  • If you’re on the shorter, petite side, pick a tapered leg, slimmer fit boyfriend jean. You’ll still have the slouchy look while wearing a lot less material. The skinny, tapered leg boyfriend will show off the silhouette of your legs while providing the slouch that boyfriend jeans are made off. Try to avoid cuffing your jean though; the cuffs can actually make you look shorter.
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Tapered leg, slim fit boyfriend jean
  •  If you’re blessed with a taller and slimmer figure, you can basically pull of any boyfriend jean in all its glory. Slimmer fits also look good on you but the baggy kind isn’t too shabby either. You can rock the cuffs, rips and tears for that model off duty look.
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Ripped Slim fit boyfriend jean
  •  For the fuller figured, curvy ladies; slim fits are also the way to go. If you choose to go the baggy route, it will just add extra fabric to your look, making you look larger.
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Baggy boyfriend jean

 So, when going shopping for the perfect boyfriend jean, keep the following in mind: you want fit; at the hips and waist. If you prefer the slouchy style, ensure that it isn’t too baggy or remember the sloppy, unflattering butt mentioned above? Yeah, you definitely don’t want that. Seems simple enough, right? If only the same could be said about finding the perfect boyfriend now…

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  1. After reading this article, I have realized that finding a boyfriend-jeans is easier that finding a boyfriend.