Classic Style of Silk Sarees

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Silk sarees are an absolutely quintessential Indian garment. In India, they occupy a special place in the heart and wardrobe of every woman, no matter what region and culture she might belong to. Every region of India has its own version of this garment which is why there are many different varieties to choose from, in terms of color, designs and the fabric itself. If the west has the little black dress, then India has silk sarees. These are just a few of the reasons why Indians love to wear their silk sarees:

Classic Style of Silk Sarees

Subtle Beauty

Silk is one of the most beautiful fabrics in the world. It is a very important fabric in India, having been produced here for many centuries. The dull shimmer and supple texture of this fabric beautifully suits the sari garment and really brings out the beauty of the wearer. A masterful blend of sophistication, elegance and lavish beauty is guaranteed with this garment. In India, the silk fabric itself is often woven with gold, silver or colored threads to create pretty patterns all over the sari.

Comfort and Lightness

Though many of the more opulent varieties like the Kanjivaram silk sarees are known for their heavy fall and rich designs, ultimately, silk is a very light and comfortable material. Even when decorated with a lot of spreading patterns, it feels wonderful against the skin and is extremely easy to carry off. There are also many regional varieties like the Uppada silk sarees which are specifically known for their light and crisp appearance. These kinds of finely woven silk sarees have a very artistic appearance and are usually worn for casual or office wear.

Fantastic Variety

Silk is not just the favorite textile of the traditional saree weavers of India but also of the high end fashion designers. This is why there are a number of different kinds of saris made of silk for women . On the one hand, there are the glorious designer silk sarees which are made of the finest silks and often come decorated with artistic, modern designs made with crystals, sequins, silver threads and beads. On the other hand, there are the attractive regional varieties like Uppada silk sarees, Banarasi saris and Patola saris which have a unique ethnic charm of their own. The type of silk itself can vary depending on the garment in question, from coarse raw materials to finely spun and woven textiles.


Another wonderful attraction of silk sarees is that they can be easily dressed up or dressed down, according to the preference of the wearer. For a simple, family gathering where traditional wear is required, a brightly colored sari made of silk with simple gold jewelry would be a great option. The same sari can be beautifully accessorized with Kundan jewelry for special occasions. Thus silk sarees can be worn for a variety of occasions, from office events to glamorous parties, from low-key parties to elegant weddings.


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