Monsoon Fashion Mistakes

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Monsoon is just around the corner. It is time to welcome the season with a cup of tea and steaming hot snacks. It is the season of romance and joy. However in the excitement we forget to follow a few fashion rules and make blunders. The fashion mistakes are ubiquitous especially in the monsoon as most of us are not worried about our looks.
You carry your umbrella and raincoat, but you rarely pay attention to your outfits. There is so much information posted online regarding the trendy outfits in the monsoon season but how many of us actually follow it. Here are a few fashion mistakes during monsoon and tips to avoid them:
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Pick the right fabrics

Yes, this is very important. Choosing the right fabric during monsoon is extremely vital. The fabrics that are thin in nature stick to our body once they are wet. So you must avoid such fabrics at all costs. You must also avoid nylon and other synthetic fabrics as they lock the heat inside once they are wet. Even pure cotton is not advisable as it gets wrinkled once it is wet. Blended cotton is an ideal fabric this monsoon.


Oh yes! We know your love for denims. It may be your staple piece of clothing but you must avoid it atleast during monsoons. Your jeans will get heavier once they are wet making it difficult for you to move around. It starts dropping from your waist. The worst part is that it takes a lot of time to dry. Wearing denims is not advisable if you have a desk job in an AC office. You can wear chinos as they are comfortable and lightweight. Your chinos will easily dry up without much effort as they are made of cotton.

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Say no to leather accessories

You may have bought a new pair of stylish leather shoes but monsoon is certainly not the right them to flaunt them off. Your beloved pair or anything else made of leather is not meant for this season and will get spoilt in no time if worn now. Leather gets affected by fungus when it is wet. Stuff your leather accessories in a moisture free place till the next season.

White is a big no-no

Wearing white must be avoided for obvious reasons. Another disadvantage of wearing white is that it gets transparent when it is wet. Remember- No white shirts or t-shirts and no white pants for a while. Not just white, you must avoid all kinds of pastel shades. Summer will be gone in no time; so stuff your pastels back in the closet.
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