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The most awaited festival of Navratri is coming soon. Navratri is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm every year. Men and women belonging to all age groups dress in colourful outfits and dance in joy especially women who want to look their traditional best during the entire Navratri festival. The preparations of Navratri have already started as women have started looking for the latest navratrichaniya choli suits online.
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Mustard Cotton Lehenga Choli Set

Yes, the latest trend is to buy navratri chaniya cholis online. It is so convenient than actually visiting a few stores and trying out the collection.

Ways to wear your chaniya choli:

If you are a hard core garba enthusiast, you can go for the full chaniya choli with Navratri oxidisedjewellery. Remember, it is all about what you do with your look. Try and keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with excessive makeup or jewellery as that will make you look gaudy. Make sure you don’t pick more than two accessories along with your chaniya choli look. If your choli has heavy work on it, balance the look with a pair of oxidised earrings. Similarly, if your chaniya choli is simple, you can go for an oxidised necklace set along with a silver armlet.

If you just want to enjoy the festival of Navratri on a casual note, you can wear a simple sleeveless top or a kurti along with a long skirt. This look perfectly compliments the occasion and enhances your beauty. Add a pair of oxidised earrings to complete your look.
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Thanks to online shopping, women can browse through a wide range of chaniya cholis, Navratri exclusive special silver jewellery, traditional Rajasthani skirts and more.

In India, there are very few occasions where men and women dress in traditional attire. The best part about navratri chaniya cholis is that there is a bold use of colours and work. Navratri is very popular in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Hence, one can find mirror work, bead work, embroidery and many more designs on the chaniya cholis during Navratri. Every year has something new to offer.
Designer sarees or lehengas may be in trend all year but nothing can replace the evergreen chaniya choli during Navratri. The craze of designer chaniya cholis just doesn’t end in Navratri. Most women still prefer chaniya cholis during weddings over designer sarees and anarkalisuits. It is the traditional and rich look of a chaniya choli that makes women go crazy about it.

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Even fashion designers in India introduce newer trends in chaniya cholis every year as a part of their bridal collection. Famous Bollywood actresses are also seen wearing heavy chaniya cholis on occasions like weddings and award ceremonies.
Every girl who wears an abaya is usually on the lookout for something more stylish which truly reflects her personality. Most customers look for three main things when buying a new abaya; comfort, style and durability. The ideal abaya for most would be one that’s stylish but is also comfortable enough to be worn all day long. It’s pretty common for girls to go through the stress of looking for ways to step up their style game while staying within the limits of modesty that they have defined for themselves. I truly hope that our today’s suggestions will help take away these worries of yours and you’ll never again think of abayas as an ordinary or boring outfit!

Hijab Fashion & Modest Dresses, Jilbabs, Hijabs, Shawls, Abayas, and Scarves
A modern abaya design

Minimal Look

For those who are looking for something casual, simple and stylish, nothing can beat the maxi style abayas. If you want to make your’s a unique one then play with plates, frills, layers and buttons. The key here is to make sure that the abaya is well tailored to suit your body shape. While a modest abaya should not be showing off your figure by being too tight, it should also not appear to be over-sized.

Playing with Colours

It’s pretty obvious that one needs to choose the colours and fabrics they wear, based on the weather that they’ll be wearing it in. But it’s always safer to go with some particular tried and tested colours in every weather, for instance burgundy color always looks amazing in autumns while bright colours and even the plain old grey looks great in Winters. For summers, the use of pastel shades can create a really nice outfit while nothing can ever beat floral prints in spring.

Hijab Fashion & Modest Dresses, Jilbabs, Hijabs, Shawls, Abayas, and Scarves
Abaya for muslim women


Giving in a little effort and going through some DIY tutorials is never a bad idea when it comes to accessorising your outfit. You can find millions of online tutorials for accessories that you can use to make your abayas stand out, such as flowers, bows, brooches and what not. Even when you are wearing the very basic and simple abaya, just adding a nice handbag, the right shoes and an eye-catching necklace could give you a completely new look.

Formal Look

It’s important for every girl to have a few classy formal maxi dresses for those special occasions. These are the ones on which you can fulfil all your desires and when you wear them to an event and feel like a star, you’ll realise that all your investments were totally worth it. So let’s have a look at our options here. If you’re working on a black abaya, the two best choices definitely are the sparkling swarovsky crystals and the silver or gold embellishments. For abayas in white or other lighter colours, colourful intricate embroideries can create a truly magical effect. Another good idea is to use fancy fabrics such as chiffon, net, lace or silk as parts of your abaya such as sleeves, necklines or panels running through the centre and sides. Last but not the least; make sure that your hijab complements your abaya’s colour and style.

It’s pretty obvious that those times are long gone by when abayas were only available in large sizes and plain black colour. The modern women wishes to look modest and yet stylish which is as much fun to do as girls who choose to wear other outfits.

The world’s most renowned brands are currently investing into the Muslim fashion industry and when it comes to abayas, they are coming up with truly spectacular designs. But I always feel that nothing gives a girl more satisfaction and confidence, like the abaya she herself designs does. So have fun staying modest sisters and enjoy it to the fullest!
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Cotton Salwar Suits, Churidar Salwar Suits
Indian women love to enjoy the spectrum of amazing ethnic wears. Indian salwar kameez or salwar suits also come under this category. Be it her formal hours or casual fun with friends, social gathering or any weekend night-out with buddies, even the most special day of any girl, ‘wedding bells’, a fashion conscious women will never forget to pick out right type of salwar suits. A perfect outfit for all occasions, designer salwar suits and kurtis add a glimpse of beauty to the wearer. But arranging them in an organised and non-hurdle way is not the toughest job yet most confusing one. So, here we will discuss some of the best and easy tips to arrange your salwar suits in wardrobe. Help yourself in a more convenient way to ensure that your favourite salwar suit sets are staying flawless in coming years as well.
Scroll down to decode the secrets...

1. Which One Is For Which One?

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Designer Salwar Suit
The main meaning of the sub category is ‘to segregate your things according to your utility’. When you are choosing one of the fastest method while hurrying up for office or college, you might feel lacking of time and select wrong dress with hazardous matching and doing. The efficient way to prevent last minute blunders is to arrange your salwar suits in wardrobe according to their utility and use. You can stack all the formal wear or serious ethnic wears at one side or separate rack while western wear on different. Keep the designer or wedding wear salwar suits or lehengas on spacious storage cases.

2. Hangers Are Important!

You must remember those unavoidable creases and wrinkles on cotton salwar suits which have had bought very recently through online shopping!? You can’t help the nature of the fabric which demands you pamper obviously. To avoid them, try plain hangers to arrange then in a most spacious look (not rubbing with each other). Arrange the salwar suits and give them the tender care while managing your time.

3. Ironing & Then Piling

Perfect arranging is not time taking if done with proper steps. Don’t make careless piles over piles of worn dresses or suit sets. They consume broader space and extend searching time.
First iron them properly (especially if they are made of cotton, Silk or sturdy/tender materials) and then pile them over one another. This makes the selection of right churidar salwar suits for your much needed moment.

4. Stacking & Co-ordinating

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Stacking & Co-ordinating
Then comes compartmentalized racks or squares for proper segregation of the things. Keep the dupattas or chunnis separately on hangers and their accorded kameez and salwars on these racks. They enhance their visual appearance, making the selection of the dress for the day quickly.

5. Go With Season Friendly Sets

Whether it is that mind melting summer season or fractal loving winters, cotton has seen as the most-friendly fabric in every season. Arrange your salwar suits according to the most comfortable fabric which can go with any temperature or weather. Keep the comfy category in front showcase of your closet and the other stuffs must be decked elsewhere.

What are you waiting for!? Hurry up and get your wardrobe in shape today…
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With summer season knocking at the door, the wardrobe needs a little rearrangement. Dressing style and whether are inter related. The common dresses change with the change in season.

Time is the most important thing in life. Managing your time correctly is equal to managing your life properly. And what's better than to run both life and time with an elegant timepiece drape cautiously around your wrist. While a perfectly selected timepieces represents a person's good taste, his character, and his social standing, an inappropriate watch shows much more than that - his simplicity! That is the significance of choosing a good watch.

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Romanson: Neoclassic and Modern Watches For Men and Women

Keep an Eye On These Features While Choosing The Right Watch

  • The Dial of the Watch
    1. Size Matters : This is the foremost obsession that catches your eye before any other element. Larger dials do not look good on thin wrists and vice versa. Normally, a medium-sized dial would be a safe bet and would never go out of fashion.
    2. Shape of your Dial : Round, oval, and square are the usual shapes and are a superior option if you are opt for a high-end watch. They look professional. Shapes other than these can be opted for when you wish for a watch for a casual trip or an outing.
    3. Black, White, Metallic Or Light shades : As far as possible, you should stick to a monochromatic dial so that when the hands of the watch move, they are clearly visible. Opting for a black dial can also be a good deal because they look professional as well as casual and sporty.
    4. For a professional look, analog watches are a better option. Digital watches are a better option when you are choosing one for a sports activity. There are a number of watches that have both the options. But if you are belligerent to read the correct time with your watch, just keep it digital.
  • The Band of the Watch
    1. Go with stainless steel if you are not allergic to metal - If you are setting up to procure a watch for your everyday use, then a stainless steel strap is the one you should choose for.
    2. Rubber strap look masculine – Rubber straps require little maintenance. They can be cleaned easily with a mild soap and warm water.
    3. Is your watch waterproof -  This is not mandatory as normal watches  are competent enough to handle the everyday splashing of water, like rainwater or water used for washing utensils. Unless you are a serious deep-sea diver
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Romanson: Neoclassic and Modern Watches For Men and Women

These were a number of of the tips on choosing a good watch. Some of the famous brands like titan watches, sonata watches and casio watches is definitely a safe bet if you are looking for similar features in your next watch. I'm sure you would now have more poise while selecting one that not only suits your fashion but also fits your budget perfectly.
For me, the best part of any award function is to watch the stars parading their Sunday best on the red carpet, while eager journalist try to find out who they are wearing! How do some of our Bollywood divas get it right almost every time, while others falter without a miss? Needless to say, this means that one has to be careful about whom one chooses to follow for the latest fashion or even before shopping for a bollywood style one piece dress online. Here’s a look at the hits and misses of 2015.
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The Best Dressed Divas

1.      Alia Bhatt at the Filmfare Awards: Known for her cute image, this time Alia decided to take a complete left turn into sultry. She wore a memorable black gown that had the slit going right up the thigh. She paired it perfectly with nude lips and smoky eyes to bring out the sensuality just right.

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2.      Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at the Cannes Film Festival: While she was the very first Bollywood actress to grace this red carpet, it has taken her more misses than one would care to count to get her look just right. Needless to say, you can’t get this one piece dress online! Aishwarya wore a dramatic Ralph and Russi gown that simply had couture written all over it. In that pure shade of white, with little black flowers seeming to blossom out of one side and that stunning neckline, she definitely made the right choice by not adding a necklace to this outfit.

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3.      Shraddha Kapoor at the IIFA 2015: She became India’s heart-throb with her very first film and proved why with a gorgeous knee-length dress that accentuated her perfect frame with its full skirt and corseted bodice. She paired the red dress perfectly with pointy black pumps and an updo for her hair.

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4.      Priyanka Chopra at the Star Guild Awards: Wearing a Toni Maticevski number, our desi Quantico star showed just the right way to pick the colour, fall, length and pleats based on body type when one shops for a one piece dress online. The Mawi necklace, maroon lips and sleek ponytail were just the right way to accessorise.

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The Worst Dressed Stars

1.      Deepika Padukone at the Filmfare Awards: This came as quite a surprise because Deepika usually manages to get it right. After all, with that figure and height, most outfits can be carried off with style! However, for the Filmfare Awards 2015, she chose a cream gown that had a strangely fallen waist and ended up almost abruptly above the knees. The gothic lips and updo did nothing for her, just like the matching cream shoes she chose to wear.

2.      Katrina Kaif at the Cannes Film Festival: Maybe this was meant to be camouflage! A red gown on the red carpet with red hair and red lipstick, and a red belt as an accessory – not much one can say beyond that. Of course, she must have spent a bomb because it was an Elie Saab outfit. Make sure you consider the colour and how to contrast it with accessories the next time you choose a one piece dress online.

3.      Kajol at the Life OK Screen Awards: Well known for her fashion faux pas, I would actually look twice if she did get it right on some occasions. This time she wore an awkwardly ill-fitting kaftan and that too in all gold. She looked like Julius Caesar had thrown up on her! Maybe she should go back to asking Manish Malhotra to choose her outfits.

4.      Sonakshi Sinha at the Big Star Entertainment Awards: Having lost all that weight, one might imagine that Sonakshi would choose an outfit that highlights her newly acquired curves. Sadly, this time she chose a Taieya Khanuja gown in black, with lace accents that gave a rectangular look to her frame and side pleats that stuck out at the hips to add volume where very few women would want it. The lesson to be learned here is to check your body type before choosing a one piece dress online. Thank goodness of multiple images and size charts.
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Short sleeve shirts have always been a very popular choice for men, and there are certainly a lot of options to choose from. Those men who want to learn more about fashion and how to dress will definitely need to learn as much as possible about what these shirts have to offer and how to go about choosing the right ones so they can look their best. You will find that these shirts come in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns, offering a variety of choices.

The summer and spring seasons tend to bring out the short sleeve shirts because they offer a nice way to look good while staying cool at the same time. You will find that many of these shirts are great for a casual look without looking too casual, which can be useful for a number of different events and situations. Before you decide on any particular shirt to buy, however, it is important that you take a few things into consideration so you can truly get your money’s worth.

When you are looking for short sleeve shirts that will look good on you, it’s crucial that you pay close attention to how each one fits. Take the time to try on each of the shirts that you are interested in the store so you can see for yourself how they fit before paying any money at all. You will want to look for shirts that compliment your body so you can look your best. You don’t want to buy any shirts that are very loose or baggy, but you also don’t want to get ones that are too tight or constricting.

One good tip that you will want to follow when wearing short sleeve shirts is to keep yours untucked, as most of them are shorter than the average dress shirt. If you are going to be wearing one of these shirts, you will find that tucking them in won’t work out very well. The fact is that short sleeve shirts were meant to be worn casually, which is why they are usually too short to be tucked in. It’s also important that you remember never to wear a tie or blazer with a short sleeve shirt, because they just don’t go well together. If you are going to wear a tie, you will need to wear a long sleeve dress shirt that is cut long enough to stay tucked in at all times.
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A Guide to Men’s Short Sleeve Shirts
You will need to look for a short sleeve shirt with a color and design or pattern that will go well with the pants you typically wear, because the last thing you want is to get one that is going to clash. These shirts are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, which is why you will need to make an effort to choose ones that will compliment your overall outfits so you will look good. Whether it is a faded stripe, palm print, or graphic print shirt, you will want to choose one that will look good on you.

Keep in mind that solid and stripe shirts are best for business environments, but you should feel free to break loose with some interesting patterns for more casual every day fashion. There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from that you will definitely want to take your time before making a final decision. There are certain colors and patterns that look better on some than others, so you might want to get someone else’s opinion before buying a certain shirt.

These days lots of men are wearing short sleeve shirts because of how stylish and versatile they are, but it’s important that you look through as many of your options as possible before deciding which ones you should buy. The more time you take to look at and try on different short sleeve shirts the better, because there are quite a few of them to choose from. No matter which color or design you decide on, the overall fit of the shirt you get is one of the most important things to consider. While you may have seen a lot of guys wearing super tight button down short sleeve shirts, it’s always a good idea to get ones that you actually feel comfortable in.
December signifies sun, sand and fun times in Australia while the rest of the world bundles up in winter gear. People take most of this time and spend much of it as possible in the breathtaking beaches, baking in the sun, surfing the magnificent waves or doing absolutely nothing at all. This well-deserved break from work and daily routines is considered to be sacred by most of us because it is not often that we get to simply throw caution to the wind. It is, therefore, the aim of most to make the best of their summer vacation at the beach. Going to the beach is not a simple act any more. Over the years, the simple act of going to the beach has, in fact become a fashion parade. No one likes to be second to another person when it comes to fashion. Here is a list of things that anyone should have in their beach bag to make sure that they look as fresh as cucumber while baking in the sun.

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No one goes to the beach wearing their everyday clothes anymore. It is an absolute fashion no to go to the beach wearing your jeans and t-shirt with your swimwear inside. The latest trend instead, is to wear a beach kaftan over your bikini or swimsuit. Look for beach kaftans online or boardshorts if your local swim store does not stock designs or materials that you do not like. The material should be thin enough that you should be able to lie in the beach with the kaftan on. You will find this very convenient as opposed to pulling on a t shirt every time you have to go back to a restaurant or any other place.


Lying on the beach comes with its own consequences if proper precautions are not taken. One such important precaution is to carry the right sunscreen. Sun burns can be very painful and would leave a mark on your skin which is hard to get off. Make sure that you choose a sunscreen with UV blocking SPF 15 and that it is always in your beach bag. Sunscreen lotion is something that you should not step out of the house without during the months of summer.


A good pair of flip flops are essential when it comes to summer. You cannot wear your everyday shoes to the beach as the saltwater is prone to cause serious damage to them. Opt for rubber flip flops instead. They withstand the saltwater just fine and it is easier to walk on sandy beaches in them. There are many different designs of flip flops and all of them easily fit into a beach bag. What’s more? They hardly cost anything.

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A hat can be used as a fashion statement as well as a means to protect yourself from the glaring rays of the summer sun. There are many kinds of hats available in the market today. Large straw hats with ribbons or flowers on them are quite trendy at this time of the year. Choose one that suits your swimsuit for a more coordinated look. They do not cost much and therefore, you can afford to buy a few different colours and styles if your swimsuit changes daily. Keep one in your bag at all times to protect you from the sun.

Beach towel

A beach towel is essential when you are at the beach. Lying in sand can be messy and uncomfortable, especially after a dip in the sea. It tends to cling to the body and clothes and are absolutely difficult to get off. Make sure that you pack a beach towel in you beach bag at all times. You should also ensure that you buy a beach towel that is big enough for you to lie down comfortably.

Lip balm and hair spray

Lip balm and hair spray can only be found very rarely among beach goers. Why would you need lip balm when going to the beach? Who uses hair spray when going to the beach? Well, the thing is, people do get sunburnt on their lips, which is extremely painful. There is also a lot of damage to a person’s hair when exposed to the sun. To avoid these, make sure that you have a protective lip balm and hair spray at all times with you in your beach bag.

These days, the old saying, “guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses,” is so not true, as more and more people are choosing to rock their eyeglasses – and some of them don’t even need prescription glasses!

From Kendall Jenner looking retro cool wearing eyeglasses for Kim Kardashian’s baby shower to Anne Hathaway rocking a pair on the red carpet, it looks like eyeglasses really can be used to channel cool and sophisticated style.

So how can you rock eyeglasses and look more fun than serious, as celebrities have been able to do? Well, the following are a few tips and tricks to pull off this geek-chic accessory, whether you actually need eyeglasses or you just want in on the trend.

MEN'S SUN - Tagged "type_Sunglasses" - Bailey Nelson
The Ellis frame in Optical

The Right Frame

Long gone are the days when your frame options were limited to a very small number at the local mall, these days, thanks to the internet, you are sure to find a myriad of different prescription glasses online in frames that will suit your style. From the geeky fun, horn-rimmed glasses to the cat eye frame, rectangular or a bold round shape, finding the right frames for your face has never been more fun.

Work the eyes

When you are rocking your eyeglasses for a formal event or when you want to feel more confident about your look, then enhancing the eyes with make up behind your specs is the way to go. Take out your liquid eyeliner and draw a thick cat eyeliner that will add sophistication to your eyeglasses or go for a subtle smoky eye for a touch of sexy edge.

Add volume

Women’s glasses have turned the chic factor up a notch in the last decade but if you have bought your pair and you still feel a bit too serious when donning them, then play with your hair and bring some fun to your look through it. Wrap your hair in a messy pony tail with volume curls, tie a messy bun or incorporate a chunky braid with your fringe to channel fun, youthful style.

    WOMEN'S OPTICAL – Tagged "type_Optical" – Bailey Nelson
Classic Matte Sunkist Wells

Add colour

When your days are rushed and you cannot take the time to put on cat eyeliner or to work a braid in your hairstyle, then adding a touch of colour is the quickest way to take the serious factor out of your eyeglasses. Go for a dark lip like burgundy or bright red. You can also invest in a pair of specs in a fun colour that you can wear on days when there is no time for make up or elaborate hairstyles!

Ultimately, the most important way you can wear prescription glasses with style is by having confidence. This is why celebrities make eyeglasses look so covetable – because they own their look and they now they look good. So the next time you put on your specs remember that these tips and tricks will only work, if you have a dose of confidence in your step!

Images via @baileynelson_au
All weddings are beautiful even the D.I.Y wedding decorations, there is something about the idea of creating your own, that gives a wonderful feeling of a job well done. It could be hours of sewing or gluing, but it could be the one way to save money, if you are on a tight budget. Searching the internet could give your ideas on what anyone can create and have fun as well.

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The time before any wedding has to be planned, so write out a budget plan, materials needed and lists of ideas that can worked upon.  Make sure to contact the right people to make sure the bookings and deposits are sent in time, every spare minute is valuable to a happy day.


When the bride to be walks down the aisle, the laying of flower petals are pretty and so easy to do. For the chairs, why not tie a sash or sheer material and fasten with flowers to give the look of elegance; no chair looked better!

For the look of a relaxed feeling, raised candles which are placed on the top of logs or blocks of wood and decorated with moss,  lighten the room, sending out a relaxing mood to the guests. Lanterns placed at the side of the chairs also have the same effect as the candles.

A beach wedding is very romantic with the sound of the waves in the background, using the shells from the beach and laying them in the aisle, alongside candles in bright colours than the usual white ones, creating the perfect image and lighting, as the couple walk down the aisle.

Another great idea is aisle runners that can have anything from a favourite book, poem or something written by the couple themselves printed on the floor. This certainly shows the personal touch and has a marvellous effect on the guests who read it.

A wedding is not complete without the invitations, so a good craft idea could be to use really fancy wallpaper for the base to stick on the names of the guests and can be found in many most shops. Where the guests sit is important, so table numbers can be stuck or printed on small wooden logs varnished and decorated with small flowers, perfectly placed in the centre of the table.

A wedding table centrepiece can be created from herbs that smell delightful, when the food and drink are on the same table. The herbs can be placed inside an old mason jar, which is painted with a pale colour that suits the herbs and even flowers can replace the herbs, either way, it will still leave an aroma releasing from the jar.

Floral Viral glasses tied with the guests name on it are pretty to look at, by simply writing or printing the name on a piece of card, then  gluing on to small piece of fabric, is all that is needed here.  They are petite and don’t take too much room, to allow for the centre piece and the dinner ware, to all be on the same table.


If you are good at making the accessories for the bridesmaids such as sewing, jewellery or crocheting, the dresses will be original and made from love. The many hours of doing it yourself can be very self-rewarding, if you have friends who can help, ask them.

If you are good on the computer why not create your own invitations, place cards, table numbers even the floral designs for them. Technology is a wonderful thing and using the public library can save you money in the long run. If you are not confident with the use of a computer, ask a friend who can advise and even help you create them, as part of their gift to the couple to be.

Craft ideas can be found in books or on the internet and materials such as glue, paper etc. are available at most good shops, wherever you live. It is fun to create your own decorations and it can open a talent you never thought you had. There are courses that are designed to do this as well, put your name down and give it a go and be surprised at what you can achieve and seeing the finished product at your wedding is the best emotion in the world.