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Whether you face sub-zero temperatures or a mild chill, preparing your wardrobe for winter is a matter of comfort and style alike. Winter wear is an area where form meets function—you have to pick something that will look nice and be appropriate for your whatever climate you live in.

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all option for buying a winter coat, it’s easy to be led astray. Coats are the fourth biggest men’s apparel category in revenue, so there are hundreds of options out there. It doesn’t have to be hard though. Follow a few simple rules and you will end up with a jacket you will love for years to come.

1. A Winter Coat is an Investment

More so than any other piece of clothing you own, winter jackets exemplify the adage “you get what you pay for.” There’s nothing worse than freezing all winter because your coat is falling apart, and jackets are usually designed to last years, not months! Because most people only wear heavy coats a few months a year, you’re more or less stuck with what you buy—for better or for worse.

All that leads to one conclusion: a winter jacket is not a place you want to skimp. Don’t be scared to invest a good amount of money in a nice coat; it will pay dividends for years to come!

2. Buy Something You Will Love Next Year

It’s always tempting to buy the hottest new style and be the envy of your peers for a season. But, I’m sure everyone can go through their closets right now and find pieces of clothing that are so out-of-fashion that they probably won’t ever be worn again. I’m also willing to bet that they were in-style just a few years ago at most.

This is the perpetual struggle with winter jackets: as they are designed to last for years, this absolutely isn’t an area where you want to buy something trendy. According to Vogue, embroidered jackets are definitely in this year. But will they still be wearable next year? What about the year after that?

It’s probably not a great investment for the long-term. Instead, purchase something timeless that you will feel comfortable in for the foreseeable future. North Face is an option that’s both stylish and safe enough to stand the test of time.

3. Buy the Right Coat for Your Climate

Imagine this: you do your research and find that perfect jacket. You try it on and it looks amazing, so you buy it. A year goes by and it still looks amazing—in your closet because you never have the chance to wear it.

Just as important as buying a jacket that looks good is buying one that fits your specific needs. For example, if you live in a more tropical climate, you might be able to get away with just a light rain jacket. For someone living farther north, though, a heavy-duty coat may be in order. Try out a jacket before you buy it to make sure it fits your needs.

4. Buy Something Versatile

Temperatures can vary drastically over the course of winter, so you need to be prepared for whatever the season may throw your way. Whether that means buying a coat with removable lining (or other temperature-dependent features) or just buying something that you’ll be comfortable in over a wide range of conditions, versatility is key.

Versatility also applies to style. Buying a jacket that you can dress up or dress down is the key to keep you looking good in every situation without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money. This Barbour jacket can be worn in more formal settings, or even used to dress up more casual outfits. On the other end of the spectrum, bomber jackets can either dress down a business casual outfit, or fit right in with your more casual wear.

At a time where casual and professional looks are blending together, feel free to mix and match as much as possible.

5. Add a More Formal Coat to the Mix

While casual pieces are becoming more and more acceptable in dress codes that are traditionally stricter, there are some times where formal is a must and casual simply won’t do. Take a wedding or a funeral, for example. You’ll like show up in a suit, but if it’s winter, that sheer material won’t even come close to keeping you warm. Your go-to casual jacket is obviously not appropriate for these types of situations either. So what do you do?

This is a prime situation where a more formal jacket will come in handy. Whether it’s a topcoat or a trench coat, staying warm and matching your outfit is an absolute breeze. Just remember, you don’t have to wear this coat all the time! In most situations, a topcoat will make you very overdressed. The beauty of this, though, is that a nice topcoat can last for decades.

If you don’t foresee yourself being in a situation where you’d need a formal jacket, feel free to risk it. Regardless, go out there and find the coat that fits your needs
You can ask hundreds of brides what the best venue types are for great wedding photographs and you will get scores of different answers. However, if you ask professional wedding photographers, you will get the same answer every time.

The venue of the wedding is chosen to make a dream wedding come true. Getting the best wedding photographs takes a professional who is experienced with working with the light and the right equipment to bring out the shot and capture the moment. With that said, let’s look at some of the options that are chosen as prime venues for weddings. 

Church, Synagogues, and other places of worship

Traditional weddings often take place in our places of worship. This is because they are beautiful and easily decorated. Some couples feel a church wedding signifies the strong spiritual union they have with each other.

Outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings are very popular. They can be formal or casual. The natural landscape creates the background for your wedding photographs. Here are a few options:
  • Vineyard Wedding

    The vineyard is always a beautiful location for a wedding. The usually have facilities for guests. The reception can be set up outside and the fields make picture perfect settings. You can go with long flowing gowns for your bridesmaids or go for cute, short dresses with boots or sandals. You can even request a dress to try on before you make a decision.
  • Beach Weddings

    Whether you are doing a destination wedding or you live close to the beach, you will get some great wedding photos with the sea at your back. There is nothing more beautiful than an ocean sunset.
  • Barn Weddings

    If you want to express your fun and casual personality, go for a barn wedding. The shabby chic look makes the photographs impressive and fun. There are many lighting and decorating ideas for a barn wedding.
  • Parks, Gazebos, Gardens, and Backyard Weddings

    Look around your city for botanical gardens, parks with streams, gazebos, walking trails, and wildlife. These types of venues are easy to incorporate into your wedding and give you natural but professionally designed venue.
  • Hills or Mountains

    If you live in an area where there are mountains, look for a state park country club where your wedding can be outside with the mountains as your background. Take advantage of the area in which you live and let nature guide you.
  • Country clubs, Golf courses, and Cemeteries

    Facilities like these are designed for beauty. The green grass, waterfalls, ponds, and decorations for members make unusual but beautiful wedding photographs, There are beautiful gardens and statues in some cemeteries that are so impressive that wedding photos are taken there routinely.
  • Indoor Options

    There are breathtakingly beautiful hotels with the finest chandeliers, furniture, and accessories at your disposal. Places like the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York or The Breakers Palm Beach in Florida give you a ballroom option for a glamorous wedding.
Mansions, castles, and vintage homes give you an atmosphere that creates a unique wedding experience. Examples would include the Oheka Castle in Huntington New York, Annesdale Historic Mansion in Memphis, TN, or The Victorian House in Kaufman, Texas.

Any place you like can become a wedding venue. Choose the venue that fits your vision of a dream wedding and then set out to find a great photographer to preserve those memories. Allow your wedding planner and photographer to work together so the photographer can take advantage of the lighting without breaking the flow of the celebration. Look through popular wedding magazines and websites for ideas and don’t forget to visit the location before your plans are made. 

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Have you fallen into a style rut? It’s all too easy to return from a long day at work
or wake up on the weekend and throw on your college sweat pants. It’s
understandable to seek comfort in clothing. Follow these suggestions from the
style experts to understand how style and serious comfort can be combined. It’s
sometime challenging to find the balance between comfortable weekend wear and
stylish weekend wear. The most important thing to wear to make every outfit pop is
a genuine smile a quiet self-confidence.

Fabric selection and fit are the basis for comfortable clothing. Natural fabrics such
as cotton that have added stretch allow for a comfortable and relaxed fit. In lieu of
workout and active wear, select pieces with these fabric characteristics that begin
to define your style. Bypass structured jackets and high heels if your goal is style
and comfort. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons
and invest in a pair of classic deck shoes from topsider. These will last for years
and become even more comfortable with age. Another trick the professional
stylists use to ramp up the style level of casual ensembles is to add accessories. A
simple scarf or bangle can go a long way towards taking an outfit from bland to

Finally, the goal is quality over quantity. Take an afternoon (or weekend) and sort
through the existing items in your closet. Make piles for donation and consignment
of item that have not been worn in over a year. The exception to this rule is cocktail
dresses, evening wear and suits. Many often lament that they have a closet full of
clothes and nothing to wear. By removing garments from your closet that are not
worn, the remaining pieces become more visible and accessible.

Follow these basic guidelines from the style experts and you’ll soon find yourself
selecting pieces for both comfort and design. Best of luck to you on you on
ramping up your personal style!
Let’s be real, trying to find cute underwear is the worst. Fashion designers have spent all their time designing cute lingerie for women and not even bothering to consider what men are wearing. Sure, you can sometimes find some attractive jockstraps, but everyone knows they pinch and chafe.

Some companies, however, have finally noticed this lack of cute but comfy undies for men. Jack Adams, an underwear and activewear brand, is one of those taking this need seriously. They’re making jocks, thongs, trunks, briefs and boxers for fashionable men.

In fact, at the MAGIC Fashion Expo this February in Las Vegas, Jack Adams released four new lines of briefs: the Sport Teck Collection, the Pop Collection, the Kenetic Punch Hole Collection and the LUX Drift Collection. The fashion company says these underwear lines are meant to be both comfy and fun, something which MAGIC attendees felt they did well. Their booth was crowded every day of the expo, which only goes to show that men not only want cute undies but need them, too.

Each of the collections has something special about it. Sport Teck is supposed to shape the wearer’s rear, and the Pop Collection focuses on fun colors. The Kenetic Punch Hole pieces use mostly punch hole cotton for increased comfort, while the LUX Drift Collection uses 95% Lenzing Micro Modal, which makes each piece fit like a second skin.

If you’re interested in buying a pair for yourself, you can check out each of the collections on their website at Don’t let fashion companies keep ignoring men’s fashion, particularly men’s underwear. There’s a need out there so fight for it.
You have probably seen pot before on in TV shows or in a movie, but have you ever seen it in a fashion show? Probably not. Few people have actually gone to the runway with pot inspired clothing, but Mary Jane Runway is hoping to change that. The brand just released the first ever cannabis couture lines at MAGIC fashion expo in Las Vegas this February.

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They released two collections, one for Fall and one for Spring. Every piece incorporates pot leaves and the colors of various cannabis strains. Unlike most pot related clothing, the company is focusing on high class, business casual clothing. Most of the pieces released at MAGIC were Babydoll dresses, sheer bodysuits, sheer leggings or athleisure. Everyone at MAGIC who stopped by their booth fell in love with the line’s colorful designs.

Their designs were not the only booth attendees were enamored with, however. Many also found themselves inspired by Mary Jane Runway’s message. The brand hopes that by adding marijuana to runways, they will be able to start breaking down the stigma surrounding the drug. They want to make marijuana not only beautiful with their clothes but also accepted.
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If you want to see more of their clothing, check out their website, and buy your own cannabis couture.
Most designers hide their stitches, but not entertainment industry design veteran, Oneita Parker; she shows them off on purpose. That is a new fashion trend I can behind.

Oneita Parker Collection

Parker is all about deconstructed details.She marries eye-popping stitches with rebellious yet gracefully beautiful patches of color. These two design elements work harmoniously to create joyous and wearable pieces that demand the adulation of the most discerning of fashion connoisseurs. Her work is in your face but in the best kind of way.

She just debuted her first ever fashion line at the MAGIC fashion expo in Las Vegas this February, and, wow did those stitches draw a lot of attention. I suppose when you keep something hidden for so long, it really catches your eye when it is shown. Though she just released her first collection, a lot of MAGIC attendees said they were already looking forward to her next one.

If you want to wear some of Parker’s stitches, check out her website Her collection is not available for purchase yet, but it will be soon so keep your eyes out. Parker is one to watch. She is going to revolutionise the runway with her deconstructed designs.
Tutus are not just for ballerinas. CIRKLE USA wants to bring tutus to every little girl in the US. After all, who does not need a tutu in their life? Everyone deserves a tutu that matches their personality, which is exactly what CIRKLE USA believes.

The tutu brand was started by two parents, Fabio and Maria Jose, who wanted to give their daughter a tutu she could grow with. As their daughter has gotten older, they have expanded their mission. Now they make tutus, onesies, and accessories for young girls all over the US.

They recently released two new tutu collections at the MAGIC fashion expo in Las Vegas this February. All of the pieces in each collection are handmade with fun colors of tulle and feature expanding waistbands that come with a promise of lasting through two sizes or for up to two years. The Fashion Collection features between 20 and 25 colors, while the Polka Dot Collection features eight. The tutus appeal to both young girls and their parents. The girls like the colors while their parents like the quality. Double bonus.

If you have got a little girl in your life and want to get her a tutu, check out CIRKLE USA’s website: Their tutus are not available yet, but they will be on April 4, just in time for summer.
Finding shoes that represent your personality as a guy can be rough as options are usually limited. There are a handful of styles in browns, blacks, and maybe greys, but little else. Women, on the other hand, have a whole range of styles and colors. Fashion designer, Luis Miguel Contreiras wants to change that.

Luis teamed up with Victor Green from the television show, “Hatched,” to create a line of shoes that actually have personality! Contreiras is moving beyond the traditional men’s shoes by using in-your-face colors and prints. His shoe designs include everything from pink leather to zebra prints.

He showed off his shoe line for the first time at the MAGIC fashion expo in Las Vegas this February, displaying 65 shoes total. Each pair have been specially created to demand the attention of all who see them. After all, who can ignore a blue and green cheetah print? No one at MAGIC could that is for sure! Anyone who saw the line could not get enough of it.

If you were not at MAGIC, do not worry, you can still get a pair of Contreiras’ shoes on his website:
If you are looking for a loyalty app, Ali Ispahany had you covered. Owner and founder of Mass Mobile Apps, Ispahany has created what may very well be the app that revolutionises loyalty programs.

As a retail business owner, Ispahany was in need of a loyalty program app for his stores, but every option he came across was either too expensive for what it offered or lacked the features he needed, so he decided to create one instead. He soon founded Mass Mobile Apps and began building custom loyalty apps for retail stores like his.

The company just exhibited at the MAGIC fashion expo in Las Vegas this past February to a great response. Retail business owners were clamouring to get a Mass Mobile app for their store. If you missed MAGIC, you can still get your own app on their website

Consumers and business owners alike better get used to the name Mass Mobile Apps. It will soon be everywhere. The world of shopping is truly entering the digital age from Amazon Pantry to UberEats to now Mass Mobile Apps. One day, we might do all our shopping, even clothes shopping, straight from the couch, but for now, we’ll settle with Mass Mobile’s apps.
Blouses, dresses, and skirts galore! It is time for all the fall collections and next year’s trends to come out. Are you ready?

Katherine Barclay
If you are looking for the top trends for the coming year, you cannot afford to ignore Katherine Barclay. One of the top women’s fashion brands in North America, just showed their Fall 2017 collaboration with Hilary Radley at the STITCH Fashion Show, and it is amazing.

Talk about classy fashion. The collection was designed to appeal to women from their 30s to their 50s, but it really appeals to everyone. Everyone who saw them at STITCH was impressed with the collection’s high-quality designs. People from all over the US actually have fallen in love with the collection. Katherine Barclay has even been named the guest designer of the market for March’s Dallas fashion week.

The reason everyone loves this collection so much is that it is both fashionable and affordable. It is filled with designs from the runways of New York, Paris and Milan, but they do not break the bank like those runway pieces would.

The collection will be in over 700 boutiques and fine retailers throughout North America and Europe if you want a Barclay piece for yourself.